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Samsung Galaxy S11 Launch date

The upcoming flagship smartphone of Samsung.  will be unveiled on February 11 in San Francisco. Rumours says the Galaxy S11 naming scheme will be changed, It will be launched as Samsung Galaxy S20. Samsung will release 3 versions of S11 or S20  Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The phone will feature with 6.2-inch SAMOLED display and 120Hz refresh rate. Which will enhance the viewing experience.

The smartphone is equipped with a mesmerizing 108 Mega Pixels camera along with optical zoom and stabilization.

Processor used updated Qualcomm snapdragon 865

Here is the most recent leaked images for upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 aka S20.


Here we can see a camera is equipped with 5 regular lenses and a flash for night photography. More information about the phone you can find here.

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